As an ISO certified company, Atom Adhesives has offered a variety of standard and custom formulated chemical solutions. With an objective to offer the highest quality and most innovative systems, our AA-Bond product series has developed a reputation of durability under extreme conditions in aerospace, defense, marine, industrial and civilian applications. Our in-house manufacturing and distribution system allows fast custom packaging and formulation of products to our clients' specific applications. Atom Adhesives continues to innovate as one of the most professional and reliable epoxy suppliers aiming to provide the highest quality and most competitive products with professional technical after-sale service. Please browse our product catalog ranging from epoxy to grease systems. Feel free to call us at any time (888) 522-6742. MSDS information is quickly available upon request.

Why Atom Adhesives?

  • All products are made on demand which guarantees longer shelf life.
  • No order minimums. Simply purchase the quantity needed no matter how small.
  • Our dedicated in-house service specialists are available to serve you 24 hours a day.
  • The fastest shipping in the industry with over 95% of customer orders shipped within 24 hours.
  • No middlemen or distributors. Purchase directly from us through our web site or over the phone for guaranteed most competitive pricing.

New Products:

AA-DUCT S80 Single Part Low Temperature Cure 80°C (176°F), Silver Epoxy Adhesive

AA-DUCT S80 is our latest innovation as a single component low temperature cure conductive epoxy.  This latest product has been engineered for use on heat sensitive components requiring a minimum of 80C° to acheive a full cure within 30 minutes....

Fastest Window Defroster and Grid Line Repair Kit Quick 2 Hour RT Cure Time
Our latest Window Defroster and Grid Line Repair Kit has been engineered for fast 15 minute work time and 4 hour Room Temperature Cure time.  This  is a two parts electrically and thermally conductive kit is specifically designed for 4 hour cure time. For applications  requiring faster curing, heat can be applied to achieve snap cure. 

Easy Dispensing Dual Cartridges Systems for High Volume Manufacturing Environments
We are happy to introduce our latest easy mix & dispence two component 1 to 1 mix ratio products specifically made for high volume manufacturing.  The AA-DUCT 917 and AA-DUCT 918 rigid conductive silver epoxies are part of our latest series of auto-mixing and dispensing products.   These adhesive filled cartridges are easily loaded into the dispensing gun and dispensed through static mixers which simular working with a 1 compoent epoxy without the heat cure requirements.  This eliminates the need to weigh or mix adhesives.

AA-DUCT 907 Pure Silver Filled 1 To 1 Mix Ratio
AA-DUCT 907 is a highly conductive epoxy adhesive and with an easy to use one to one mix ratio. This versatile silver formulation offers the maximum continuity of conductivity with an electrical resistivity value of less than 1x10-4 ohm•cm. AA-DUCT 907 is

AA-DUCT 905 Super Conductive Silver Epoxy
A true innovation, AA-DUCT 905 is designed for use in diversified applications as such as microwave EMI & RFI shielding, in the assembly or repair of printed circuit boards, wave-guides, electronic modules, flat cable, static shielding, connections and circuitry. Providing the highest possible conductivity, this one part epoxy is designed for screening and micro device applications with a curing time of less than 16 minutes at 120 °C.

The World's First Enterprise Level Same Day Order Fulfillment Service
Atom Adhesives is happy to announce the industries' first guaranteed same day shipping service. Regardless of order quantity, members of this unique service program enjoy free same day fulfillment and shipment of orders made by 4:00 p.m. EST. Helping our customers meet their manufacturing demands is our goal. Call us 24/7 to join today!

Window Defroster Grid Repair Kit
The Window Defroster Grid Repair kit is an epoxy adhesive and coating formulation based on pure silver. This versatile silver formulation offers the maximum continuity of conductivity with an electrical resistivity value of less than 1x10-4

AA-BOND G298 Pure Gold Epoxy, 2 Part, Electrically & Thermally Conductive
AA-BOND G298 is a two component, gold-filled, electrically and thermally conductive epoxy designed for hybrid microelectronic and semiconductor packaging.

AA-SUPERTHERM 05 Thermally Conductive & Electrically Insulating, Pure Diamond Compound
AA-SUPERTHERM 05 is a thixotropic (smooth paste) ultra-high thermally conductive epoxy two-part adhesive that develops strong, durable, high-impact bonds at room temperature which improve heat transfer while maintaining electrical insulation.

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