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Atom Chem Storage™

Atom Chem Storage™ is a non-fire rated storage facility that is the standard for hazardous chemical storage. Our facility is designed for Herbicide Storage, Fungicide Storage, Pesticide storage, Fertilizer Storage, Paints Storage, and other FM & EPA regulated Chemical Storage. Our facility is the strongest chemical storage building with built-in secondary containment and is manufactured from continuously welded 12-gauge steel. Our hazmat storage buildings can be used for storing flammable and/or combustible chemicals if located at least 30 feet from any other buildings or structures (check with local code about any variance allowances).

Hazardous chemical storage containers should be designed with due consideration to the hazards of the materials to be stored, as well as their value to owners. We protect your chemical’s contents from environmental factors such as extreme temperatures. Furthermore, We can easily customize our space to your particular storage needs. You can modify your chemical storage building to include any desired feature.

A hazardous materials accident or fine can occur anytime, anywhere. Our chemical storage solutions and other hazardous material storage vaults can minimize these risks. Call (888) 522-6742, or use our online Request a Quote form, to see how our chemical storage options can help you in better hazardous materials management.

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