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Toll Manufacturing for Adhesives

Atom Adhesives is your business partner, providing toll manufacturing, blending and packaging of finished and intermediate coatings, adhesives and other chemical materials.  Atom Adhesives has the knowledge, expertise, and innovation to tailor processing solutions for each of their customers’ powder and bulk solids handling applications.  We encourage architects, engineers, specification writers and contractors to forward questions and application problems to our research and development team. Atom Adhesives owns and operates its own physical, chemical and environmental testing equipment and can simulate most extreme product applications. Our automated models featuring electronic control systems are available for one and multi-component product materials including: low viscosity injection resins, pastes and high volume joint sealants and grouts for both epoxies and grease systems. At Atom Adhesives, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Outsourcing your advantages:

  • Clearly defined costs
  • Eliminate planning and budgeting costs
  • No investment in equipment and buildings
  • Use toll processing in your development process
  • Temporary use between design and completion of your new production facility
  • Test new products by means of toll processing, until your sales reach their goals

Our Toll processing equipment is at your disposal for prototyping and tolling of your products, in the food, medical, chemical, mineral and the precious metals industry:

  • AtomUltraMix® for vacuum drying or mixing: 200, 500 , 2700, 5000 liters
  • Equipment for constant mixing and agglomeration
  • Ultrasonic screening on 40, 90 and 120 micron
  • AACyclSpin® for high shear mixing: 10, 100, 350 liters
  • Flash drying up to 200 kg/h liquid evaporation

We can help with all your needs. From small to large volume toll production runs. We provide assistance in all phases of manufacturing and packaging. We are available to serve you 24/7. Please call (888) 522-6742 or E-mail us at

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